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Sydkustleden - The south coast trail!

Something for those who like cycling

Sydkustleden – The south coast trail!

Sydkustleden (the south coast trail) is something for those who like to cycle along the sea, enjoy the Scanian landscape and would like to stay at a charming inn. It is the country’s third national cycle route for tourism and recreation, officially inaugurated June 2-3, 2019.


The coastal South Coast Trail consists of 6 stages and a total of 260 km of cycle paths. Here it is close between the experiences. You can sunbathe on some of Sweden’s most beautiful beaches, experience historical and scenic environments, eat and drink well at local cafes and restaurants. If you want to experience a vibrant city life, you can visit the big cities of Malmö and Helsingborg.


The south coast trail also ties together all our campsites, so take a bike and go on a little adventure!


Read more about the south coast trail at this link: https://swedenbybike.com/cykelleder/sydkustleden/

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Sydkustleden - bild från Sweden by Bike

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