For those who are adventurous and enjoy excursions we can inform you that there are plenty of sights and attractions around, and very close to Tobisvik.

We have listed some of them below along with the approximate distance to those, from Tobisvik.


Tourist attractions

Österlen Museum, Simrishamn – 2 km

Kungagraven (The Kings Grave) in Kivik – 14 km

The Monastery in Ystad – 36 km

Glimmingehus castle – 10 km

Cineteket in Ystad – 35 km

Kiviks musteri (cider production) – 12 km


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Tosselilla Summer land – 27 km

Stenshuvud National park – 11 km

Skånes Zoo in Höör – 67 km

Christinehofs ecopark – 29 km

Brösarp Hills – 25 km

Ales stenar (Ale Rocks) in Kåseberga – 27 km




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