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Important informationen

Important info


Pets are allowed in cabin 1, 2, 8 and 9.



Cleaning is to be carried out by the tenants and if final cleaning is wished for that needs to be booked at least 2 days in advance.

The price of this is 500 SEK for cabin 1-9 and 700 SEK for cabin 10 and 11, cabins and mobile homes.


Violation of rules

Violation of rules can lead to expulsion from the campsite.

Rentals per 24h during July and Midsummer

During midsummer and July there will be an added cost of 100 SEK / 24h for cabins, caravans and mobile homes at individual days of rent.


Cancelling and cancelling insurance

A cancelling insurance can be purchased at an added cost of 250 SEK.

If cancelling occurs less than two weeks before arrival, all but 250 SEK will be refunded, plus a 20% deposit fee. A doctors’ testimonial is required.

If cancellation occurs earlier than two weeks before arrival, a doctors testimonial is not required.

If the cancellation occurs less than 40 days before arrival and without cancellation insurance the entire booking will be charged.

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