In 2014, Fritid Österlen Holding took over the leisure activities including Tobisviks Camping. Here started our journey towards becoming better at taking care of our footprints on the environment and the natural resources we possess on our earth today.

When you book your accommodation at Tobisviks Camping, you choose a sustainable holiday choice. Tobisviks Camping is environmentally labeled with the Green Key and we work actively to contribute to a better environment and sustainability.

  • We use renewable electricity, energy-saving lighting and have routines for reduced energy consumption regarding heating and ventilation.
  • We have taken measures to reduce water consumption.
  • We sort and recycle our waste and that of our guests.
  • We use eco-labelled washing and cleaning products.
  • Our guests are offered vegetarian and organic options in our store.
  • The staff is involved in sustainability work and receives annual training in the area.
  • We work to constantly improve our work by formulating annual goals.

What is Green Key?

Green Key is an international environmental label for facilities in the tourism industry that are found in over 60 countries worldwide. To be Green Key certified, the facility must meet several criteria within 13 different sustainability areas. The facility needs, among other things, to have a formulated environmental policy, energy and water-saving measures and expand possibilities for sorting.