Questions and answers

What time is it check-in and check-out, respectively?

Check-in time is 12.30 for camping sites and 15.00 for our cabins.

Check-out time is 12.00 for both camping sites and cabins unless otherwise agreed at the reception.
If the check-out does not take place on time, a new daily fee will be charged as well as any additional costs that have arisen due to the delay.

When is my booking binding?

Once you have read the booking confirmation / booking regulations, your booking is binding.
Feel free to learn more about our booking conditions.

What does it cost to live with you?

To see daily prices, you can search for specific dates in our online booking. Prices vary depending on time period and amenities on site.

What are your booking rules?

How big are your pitches?

Our camping pitches vary, regardless of color on the map. In general, our seats are about 80 square meters. If you come with a caravan / motorhome up to 10 meters, we ask you to contact us to find a suitable place for you together.

The pitches are about 6 * 9m.

Is there electricity on all campsites?

Yes, there is electricity with CEE sockets on all our camping sites & pitches. Electricity is included in the daily price.

Is it possible to rent bed sets and towels?

Bed sets and towels can be rented for 150 SEK/set.

Is cleaning of cabins included?

Cleaning is performed by tenants. If departure cleaning is required, this is paid at the reception before departure.
Cost for this is 600 SEK for cabin 1-9 and 800 SEK for cabin 10 & 11 and the Caravans.

Are pets allowed in the cabins?

Pets are allowed in cabins 1, 2, 8 & 9 and in Caravan 1.

What does the different colors on the camping map mean?

The different colors illustrate different areas. All places, regardless of color, have a similar size and access to electricity at each plot. Water posts are located in the area.
The red spots are “V/A spots”, with the possibility of draining the greywater directly at the spot.

Is it possible to stay with a tent?

Absolutely! You can read more about our different tent sites here.

Are you allowed to have animals on the beach?

Dogs and horses may not be at the municipality’s official bathing areas between 1 June and 31 August.
Dog baths are located close to Vårhallarna just north of the campsite, only a few minutes walk away. On beaches outside the official bathing areas, general rules for keeping dogs and riding apply.

How far is it to Simrishamn city center?

It is about 2 km to the center. Follow the beautiful bike and walking path along the sea from our campsite and you will reach the marina.

Is it possible to rent bikes from you?

Of course! The cost is only 125 SEK / day, and you rent via “Hyrenhoj in Höllviken“, which has its bikes with us. See posters outside the reception for more information.
The bikes are rentable from Easter to October.

Is the entrance to Tobisviksbadet included as a guest of Tobisviks Camping?

The pool area belongs to Simrishamn Municipality and a decision has been made not to open the pool area during the 2023 season.
As the pool ares does not belong to the campsite, this is not a decision we were involved in making.

Where can I charge my electric vehicle?

You can charge your electric vehicle at the parking lot by the pool area.
Please respect that you aren’t allowed to charge your vehicle on the campsite. This applies both from our charging station and our cabins.
If the rule is not followed, a fee of SEK 1,000 will be charged.

Do you have WiFi?

There is WiFi to use with us. The network is operated by IP-Only AB on behalf of Simrishamn county.
Connect to the Wifi network called “Wifi 4 EU” and then you can use the internet freely after you have confirmed on the county’s website.
The network connection can be affected by factors such as distance to the nearest Wifi pole, buildings, trees and number of connected guests.
The signal is often worse in the caravan / motorhomes as it is weakened by having to penetrate through the walls.

Are there laundry and drying facilities?

Laundry room is in the large service house. You charge your “Tally card” at the reception & specify how many washers and dryers you want.
You must also book yourself on the schedule that is in the laundry room.

How does it work with showers?

Showers can be used in our service houses and cost 5 SEK/3min. The “Tally card” are charged at the reception at check-in and / or during your stay.

What do your service houses look like and how many do you have?

We have a larger service house in the central parts of the campsite. Here there is a family room, handicapped accessible shower with toilet, kitchen, laundry room and the possibility to empty the latrine. The north side is the women’s side & the south is the men’s side. In our shower area you will find sinks with mirrors.


We have a small service house in the northern part of the campsite. Here there is a separate d / wc for men and women, kitchen and the possibility to empty the latrine. There is also a handicapped accessible shower with toilet.


In the reception building there is 1 shower and toilet. Adjacent to the reception building there is also a TV and living room with TV, fridge, freezer, microwave and chairs and table.

What means of payment can be used at the reception?

You are welcome to pay by credit card or “Swish” with us. We are cashless for your and our safety.