the children’s club

The curious and cuddly Sally & Sille shows up at Tobisviks Camping & Falsterbo Resort to visit children and adults. Sally is the curious older sister who loves to do crafts, paint and sing. Sille is a mischievous little brother who likes to dance and play! You meet Sally & Sille in different places on the campsites, for example at the jumping mat, by the reception and the stage!


Fun facts about Sally:

  • Same birthday as the Swedish Princess Victoria – July 14
  • Love pentathlon
  • Like to learn new things
  • Born in Tobisviken
  • Wants to be a swimming teacher when she grows up
  • Favorite ice cream is Sandwich
Fun facts about Sille:

  • Midsummer Day
  • Love to record dances and funny videos on Tiktok
  • Born on Måkläppen, near Falsterbo Resort
  • Wants to be a police officer when he grows up
  • Love ice cream
  • Afraid of small insects